The vision of Restoration Ministries has been the same from day one and has not changed since its beginning twelve years ago. To lift up the name of Jesus Christ in everything that we do.

Our goal is to impact lives though the Gospel message and become a body of believers that will be an extension of Jesus Christ on earth.

The thing that makes Restoration Ministries Worship Center a special place to meet is that everyone is approachable from the Pastor to every member. We believe that the church is not the building but the people that are gathered and without each member fulfilling their function we cannot function in the capacity that God has called us to. If it's your desire to serve God in whatever capacity we encourage you to take your part that God has given to you and  help us fulfill the Mission of Christ for the church

Here are some things that make Restoration Ministries Worship Center truly great for just about anyone:

  • We accept everyone the way they are. If God wants you to change something, He will communicate it to you and give you the willpower to do so.

  • We encourage you and your family to live a fulfilled life in and outside of the church building.

  • We believe in building lasting relationships that are healthy to the whole body of believers and to your family.

  • We encourage you to ask questions and be sincere about your belief. If we don't know the answer we can search for it together.

  • We preach easy-to-understand, relevant, yet challenging messages that are centered in God's Word.

  • Our church provides those with genuine gifts and talents the opportunity to use them and the mentoring to master them.

  • Our church believes that love for God is best shown through our love for others.

So, won't you come out and worship with us?